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"Linda is a phenomenal listener, asking probing, but not uncomfortable questions along the way. This provides her with the emotional insight to guide you to a healthier way of approaching relationships/interactions, both personal and professional.

I looked forward to my virtual appointments with Linda to share stories/examples of how she had empowered me and made my week less stressful and happier. I recommend Linda to anyone who is “stuck” and allowing a pattern of anger, frustration and sadness to be in the forefront of their lives."

L.L  4/26/22

"I met Linda Karcher when she applied for a  clinical educator position (Student Assistance Program Specialist)  at Carrboro High School, a new school that was opening in Carrboro, NC in 2007. Little did I know then the we are both from the same place in Michigan, that she has a great way with people, that she includes yoga and other softer sciences in her practice along with her therapeutic training in social work, and that we would become good friends. It has been lovely to work with someone who really takes the needs of each client to heart. I am really pleased to recommend Linda as a therapist or advocate/case-manager for any adult and/or student who is facing life challenges and transitions. She is both compassionate  and fierce - a good combination for an advocate."

Mary Gratch, M.Ed.
Independent Educational Consultant

College Placement Specialist

"Linda helped to guide me through a difficult period with a mixture of empathy and practical suggestions. Her pragmatic approach helped me to process my emotions and contextualize my situation, without trivializing or judging. Thank you, Linda!"

S.K   4/10/2022

Zocdoc Review from an adult contractual client:

5*  Linda is very kind, caring, and professional. She provides insightful feedback and helps you create goals to improve your life. I would highly recommend working with Linda.

AB 2/21/22

“Linda Karcher has been an invaluable support to our family at a time when we were facing the toughest challenges of our parenting years. She established a 504 plan for our son who had a late diagnosis of ADHD. She got teachers and administrators to adhere to special guidelines for qualified students and to get faculty to see our son in a new way. Linda also did a fantastic job of counseling us as a family with our separate and distinct needs. 

A 504 plan and the best counselor won't solve all of the challenges and complexities of ADHD but Linda did an amazing job to help get our son back on track academically and to have him seen in a new way. He has now been accepted to several outstanding colleges. This has been a journey that without Linda's guidance we would be not have been able to navigate.”


The Thornes

Parents at Carrboro High School- Class of 2021

"I have consulted extensively with Linda and am always wowed by her. She has an incredible depth of knowledge about  IEPs/504s/2E and an unmatched ability to skillfully negotiate these processes. She's responsive, collaborative, and detail oriented. More importantly, her calm and lovely demeanor is reassuring for parents and students alike. She is a highly experienced professional who will go above and beyond for your family. Highly recommend!"

Katherine A. Prakken, PhD

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